HydraWell at OWI in Abu Dhabi

Do you have a well that requires cost efficient restoration of zone isolation integrity? Or a well that needs to be plugged and abandoned in the quickest and most efficient way possible? If yes, meet up with HydraWell’s crew in Abu Dhabi to discuss how.

OWI 2017, the second annual well intervention workshop Middle East, takes place in Abu Dhabi on 9 and 10 October 2017.

Personnel from HydraWell’s Abu Dhabi office will be present at the event. If you want to meet with one of HydraWell’s representatives at the conference to discuss your P&A or well repair requirements, please feel free to contact them in advance:

Dave Ringrose, Vice president – Middle East
Tel: +971 50 614 7617 or email: dr@hydrawell.com
Stein Ivar Haukelid, operations manager
Tel: +971 50 605 3337 or email: sih@Hydrawell.com

Hope to see you at OWI in Abu Dhabi!

Pictured: Stein Ivar Haukelid (left) and Dave Ringrose (right)

Main photo: Emma Van Sant