How to plug & abandon an oil & gas well in 2-3 days

At the SPE Aberdeen Section 7th European Well Abandonment Seminar, 27th June 2017 in Aberdeen, Arne G. Larsen of HydraWell will present “The PWC revolution”, detailing how operators can plug their well in 2-3 days instead of 10-14 with significant time and cost savings as a result.

The HydraWashTM PWC® process (Perforate, Wash and Cement) was launched in 2010 by introducing a High Pressure Washing System as the Generation 1 P&A plugging method. In 2013, the HydraHemera™ High Pressure Jetting System for single and dual casings was launched as the Generation 2 P&A plugging method.

These technologies replaced the section milling technology when installing rock to rock cement barrier plug in wells where proper cement is initially lacking in the annulus.

The systems have proved significantly operational savings, while proving a solid methodology for permanently regaining barriers. As of February 2017, a total of 200 plugs have been installed saving the operators more than 3.5 rig years and handling of more than 750 ton of swarf cuttings.

The presentation will also review the ongoing development of the rigless Generation 3 P&A system where the system will be installed with the production tubing in place using wireline and coiled tubing as the conveying method.

Where and when: 11:30 am, Tuesday 27 June 2017, Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre.