The HydraArchimedes™ tool is developed to enhance the quality of the cross section plug for P&A and slot recovery applications utilizing the HydraSystem™ tools.

The HydraArchimedes™ tool is rotated in wet cement forcing  cement to be squeezed through the perforations, filling the  annulus. The cement is pushed/squeezed out the perforation holes by the HydraArchimedes™ curved scowls rubber blades, acting on the cement both hydraulically, by generating high/low pressure regimes,  as well as mechanically displacement.


The HydraArchimedes™ tool is connected directly above the HydraWash™ tool. After perforating the casing, the interval is washed with the HydraWash™ until sufficient pump rates are achieved. A ball is dropped to activate the hydraulic release system that separates the HydraWash™ Jetting Tool from the Cement Stinger and the HydraArchimedes™ tool,  allowing pumping of the cement.

Once the correct amount of cement is pumped, rotate the HydraArchimedes™ in the wet cement  and work pipe slowly upwards to ensure full coverage of the section to be plugged. The HydraWell Cement Stinger and HydraArchimedes™ tool will then be pulled above TOC and the P&A plug tested according to the Operator procedure prior to POOH.


Features and benefits

  • One trip plugging system
  • Enhanced plugging efficiency
  • Field proven
  • Simple design and operation
  • Replaceable blades
  • Available for all casing sizes

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