The HydraKratos™ tool creates an annulus base for cement when establishing a cross-sectional barrier in a well with the HydraHemera or HydraWash systems.

The HydraKratos™ expands casings to form a mechanical barrier keeping the cement in place during the upcoming cement operation.

The HydraKratos™ tool contains a charge that generates sufficient energy to expand casing strings into the outside formation and closing off any conduit for the cement to slump down hole when the cement in pumped in place to form a cross-sectional barrier in the well.

The HydraKratos™ tool is calibrated and designed for the actual casing configuration being single casing or multiple casings.


The HydraKratos™ charge can be run in conjunction with TCP guns or on a single run on pipe. The HydraKratos™ charge can also be run on single or multiple conductor wire line. The HydraKratos™ tool is set off with a standard primer cord typically triggered with a standard perforating firing head.

Features and benefits

  • Establishing barrier in single annulus as well multiple annuli
  • One trip plugging system
  • Can be loaded onshore and offshore
  • Enhanced plugging efficiency
  • Simple design and operation
  • Safe and robust design
  • Available for all casing sizes

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