Internal Cement Foundation™

The Hydrawell Internal Cement Foundation™ was developed to be able to perforate, wash the perforated interval and set a cross sectional cement plug in the same interval using the HydraHemeraTM System in one trip.

Contrary to the HydraWashTM System, where the actual HydraWashTM tool is disconnected after the washing sequence and acts as a foundation for the following cement job, the HydraHemeraTM System requires a separate cement foundation in order to prevent slumping of cement down into the rat hole needed for the TCP-assembly, which could potentially contaminate the cement plug.


After perforating the plug interval and dropping the TCP-assembly, a ball is dropped and the Internal Cement FoundationTM is positioned and disconnected at a pre-determined depth above the disconnected TCP-assembly and below the perforations. Cement is then placed using the Hydrawell Spray Cementing Valve™, which feature flow area optimized for cement. Cement is pumped through the Hydrawell Spray Cementing ValveTM, which combined with the Hydra Archimedes Cement Optimizer efficiently places cement into the annulus (or annuli if utilized for dual casing applications).

Features and benefits

  • Enables one trip plugging system with HydraHemeraTM
  • Large by-pass area while tripping
  • Simple design and operation
  • Isolates rat hole from desired plug interval.
  • Prevents slumping and contamination of cement.
  • Available for all casing sizes

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