Rystad Energy Gullkronen 2017

Hydrawell  Intervention  is the proud winners of: Rystad Energy GULLKRONEN 2017


New Venture of the Year

The four nominees: HydraWell Intervention, Red Rock, Resoptima, Vision iO
The winner: HydraWell Intervention

Jury’s reasoning:

The current downturn doesn’t stop new companies popping up with ideas for improved operations and cost saving alternatives. The four nominees are all outstanding examples and on their way to making good businesses and creating new jobs, even now.

The winner has applied a new and innovative approach to a wellknown operation, which they simplify and that significantly reduce cost The technology is applied at the core of oil and gas operations – in the well.

The winner has found a smart way to remove cement and plug wells in a single run, minimizing the hang-over (cost) after the party.

Already established in the North Sea and Middle East markets, and with a large backlog of wells to be plugged the winner is going to have a lot to do.

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