Annular Integrity Test tool (AIT):

How it works

Run in conjunction with the TCP guns spaced out for the interval to be tested, the AIT tool provides a simple but effective method of verifying creeping shale/formation behind the casing.

Annular Integrity Test Tool (AIT) by HydraWell

Why HydraWell AIT?

Key Features

  • One trip system with TCP guns
  • Large by-pass area while tripping in and out
  • Simple and robust design and operation
  • Act as fundament for cement when disconnected
  • Prevents slumping and contamination of cement
  • Available for all casing sizes


After perforating the desired interval with the TCP guns, an activation ball is dropped and the Annular Integrity Test tool is activated. The cup integrity is then tested in blank casing before the cups are positioned across the lower perforated interval, and pressure is applied. If the formation is holding the applied pressure and no return from the upper perforations is observed, the formation barriers are verified.

The test can be repeated to confirm the initial test result. The AIT tool can now be disconnected and an internal cement plug can be set. 

The tool can also be retrieved to surface depending on the next operational steps to be performed.



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