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The HydraSwivel™ is a drill-pipe or work string deployed tool that allows the upper string to be continuously rotated with either tension or compression force while pumping treatment fluid through the tool at high differential pressures down – hole.

HydraHemera™ by HydraWell


The HydraHemera™ system was developed to enable plugging a well across multiple annuli without performing a section milling operation.

Cementing tools by HydraWell

Cementing Tools

The Hydrawell Spray Cementing Valve™ was developed to be able to use the pump-and-pull-technique while cementing (or using other plugging material) the entire plug length (in excess of one drill pipe stand).

HydraKratos™ by HydraWell


The HydraKratos™ tool creates an annulus base for cement when establishing a cross-sectional barrier in a well with the HydraHemera or HydraWash systems.

Typhon ICON


The HydraTyphon™ PWC® System was developed to expand the PWC® operating envelope to more complex wells. Click here to read more!

Annular Integrity Test Tool (AIT)

Annular Integrity Test Tool (AIT)

The HydraWell Annular Integrity Test tool (AIT) was developed to test formation and set cement plugs in a single run on either Drill Pipe or Coil Tubing.