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The HydraKratos™ tool creates an annulus base for cement when establishing a cross-sectional barrier in a well with the HydraHemera or HydraWash systems.

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Spray Cementing Valve™

The Hydrawell Spray Cementing Valve™ was developed to be able to use the pump-and-pull-technique while cementing (or using other plugging material) the entire plug length (in excess of one drill pipe stand).

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Internal Cement Foundation™

Internal Cement Foundation™

The Hydrawell Internal Cement Foundation™ was developed to be able to perforate, wash the perforated interval and set a cross sectional cement plug in the same interval using the HydraHemeraTM System in one trip.

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Hydrasystem plugs installed

Our story

HydraWell was established in 2010 and has developed, patented, proven and commercialized the revolutionizing PWC™ technology product suite (Perforation, Wash & Cement™).

Recent years we have expanded our global footprint from our Norwegian base in Tananger to build operating units in Aberdeen and Abu-Dhabi.

Our slogan “One Invention Ahead” reflects our strong focus and commitment to building new and unique technology which can deliver a strong track record and high success rates over time.


HydraWell strengthens team in Malaysia

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