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 HydraWell Systems Applications

Various Applications of HydraWell's systems

Permanent Plug & Abandonment

Permanent Plug
& Abandonment (PP&A)

Ongoing challenges are caused by incomplete data, deterioration in the integrity, and condition of the construction components

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Slot Recovery


Side tracking effectively prevents any future re-entry into the original, primary, wellbore.

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Illustration of Zonal Isolation


Aging wells may be required to be shut-in for a number of reasons, but one of the most frustrating can be due to increasing water cut.

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Illustration of Annular Integrity


It is good practice to have at least two barriers between the hydrocarbon bearing formation and the environment. However, the barriers can often be compromised.

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Illustration of Well Remediation


When the logging image shows neither cement, nor creeping formation, the wellbore/annulus must be remediated.

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Technologies and solutions that provide absolute ensurance when abandoning wells



The HydraHemera™ system was developed to enable plugging a well across multiple annuli without performing a section milling operation.

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Annular Integrity Test tool (AIT)

Annular Integrity Test Tool (AIT)

The HydraWell Annular Integrity Test tool (AIT) was developed to test formation and set cement plugs in a single run on either Drill Pipe or Coil Tubing.

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The HydraKratos™ tool creates an annulus base for cement when establishing a cross-sectional barrier in a well with the HydraHemera or HydraWash systems.

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The HydraWash™ system was developed to enable plugging a well without performing any milling operation.

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The HydraSwivel™ is a drill-pipe or work string deployed tool that allows the upper string to be continuously rotated with either tension or compression force while pumping treatment fluid through the tool at high differential pressures down – hole.

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Cementing Tools

Cementing Tools

The Hydrawell Cementing Tools enable placing plugging material in the entire cross section of a single or multiple annuli, establishing a proper barrier in the well for P&A or sidetrack purposes.

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The Job Planning Process

HydraWell provide a complete package including job design and operational execution

The job planning process

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1. Application Screening

Job design commences with a screening of the potential application to ensure our system and tooling are suitable for your needs.

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2. Job Design Validation

If required, we complete validation of the job design by, for example, organising perforating gun trials and initiating Computational Fluid Dynamic modelling, as necessary.

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3. Detailed Operations Procedure

We work with your engineering teams, fully participating in your planning processes and contributing to your Critical Well Reviews and pre-mobilisation operational assessments; and preparing a detailed operations procedure.

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4. Logistics & Mobilisation

We then work with your logistics teams to ensure timely mobilisation to site and provide experienced field technicians to supervise the deployment and operation of our tooling packages. During operations, we provide daily operational engineering support, located in your offices as required.

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5. Job Evaluation

5. Job Evaluation

On completion of the operation, we assess with you how well the Success Criteria for the job have been met. We compile and deliver a comprehensive End-of-Well report for our aspects of the programme, and fully contribute to your After-Action Reviews and Lessons Learnt wash-up processes. Finally (...)

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Track record

Case Studies

Case Story

PWC in high inclination saves weeks of rig time and operational risk

A well offshore UK has reached planned TD, but failed several contingency cement jobs. The casing sits at 81 degrees and HydraWell runs their HydraHemera jetting technology to
save the well

Case Story

PWC® jetting technology delivers four barriers in record breaking time

This client had previously installed four barriers with the conventional section milling that took more than 40 days. A close collaboration between the client and HydraWell was awarded with four plugs installed in just 8.8 days.

Case Story

Successful trial of Hydrawell´s HydraCt™ SwivelJet PWC on Coil tubing

A full scale testing of Hydrawell´s latest technology development, HydraCT™, takes place onshore Norway and immediately draws everyone´s attention to the end results! Click here to find out more!

Spirit Energy

Proven Technology


"I have been working with Hydrawell for the past 7 years and I have always been impressed by the forward-thinking nature of this company, the competency and dedication of its people, both onshore and offshore, the reliability of its tools and the quality of the work it performs days in and days out. This company inspires confidence"

"AkerBP used HydraWell’s Hydrahemera jetting PWC tool throughout the entire 4-year P&A campaign on Valhall DP, and with great success. Thanks to learnings kindly shared by ConocoPhillips, which pioneered the use of this technique, and to a close collaboration with Hydrawell, the time to restore barriers in a critical part of the overburden on Valhall dropped from 12 days down to 2.1, resulting in significant time and money savings."

"Impressed by their forward thinking nature"

"I am very pleased with the simplicity of the HydraHemera™ PWC® operation"

"The most robust plugging method I have ever seen"

"HydraWell´s HydraHemera™ jet-washing PWC® method saved us $15m in rig time over four wells"

"HydraWell´s PWC® technology reduced our well abandonments from 12 to 2.1 days!"

What factors do I need to consider in order to successfully install an annular abandonment barrier

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What are the common reasons for barrier failure?

- How can they be avoided?

Historically, three basic methods have been used to achieve an annular barrier. Each carries the risk of technical failure or of significant delays and increased cost beyond the forecast.

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