HydraHemera™ delivers record breaking performance


Operator: North Sea Operator

Where: NCS
When: April, 2020
Scope: PWC® remediation to avoid costly re-sidetracking of well

Planning and operational efficiencies delivers record breaking performance


Our customer has a significant programme of activity to plug and abandon their assets in the Norwegian North Sea.

Their focus is to ensure planning and operational excellence to improve durations, reducing both the cost of planned activity and minimise their  environmental impact.

Each well requires a total of four plugs across the reservoir and upper formations. Traditional Section Milling activities in this field have taken 10 days on average per isolation barrier to be installed, resulting in over 40 days of rig time for these operations. However, the historical benchmark from previous PWC© operations has been four isolation barriers installed in 23 days.  Our challenge was to introduce further savings to deliver improved economics for the planned P&A scope of activity.


We are proud of our track record in Permanent P&A operations and have become recognised as market leaders in PWC© systems. Our customer in Norway has been using PWC© for many years and has worked together with HydraWell to introduce further improvements in the delivery of isolation barriers. This case study showcases the savings that are introduced through planning and operational excellence in challenging operating environments.        


Over a period of three years we have been working closely with our customer to understand and evolve our understanding of key operational parameters to drive down the time taken to install isolation barriers.

This has focused on three key areas;

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling to aid understanding of fluid interfaces and displacements to improve operational parameters and minimize time in hole
  • Improved System design to enhance perforating, fluid, cement and PWC© to work together to deliver quality barriers
  • Quality assurance monitoring to determine job performance data and improve repeatability of efficiency improvements

Our offshore crews managing customer and 3rd party suppliers to incorporate these changes incrementally have resulted in a consistent improvement of operational times.



In this well, we delivered four isolation barriers (from bridge plug installation prior to plug #1 to final pressure test of plug #4) in a record breaking 8.8 days.

By following the pre-defined and pre-qualified operating parameters for the jobs, the quality of these four plugs were maintained.

Graph 8.8 days

All Isolation barriers are tested and qualified using QA processes supported by CFD and previous Cement Evaluation Logging.  These results have delivered savings of:

  • Savings of $4.65M per well vs. Section milling
  • Savings of $2.1M per well vs. 2015 PWC© Performance
    *Rig Spread Rate used is $150k/day

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