The HydraWash™ System:

HydraWash is being superseded

Hydrawash was our initial Perf, Wash and Cement (PWC) system developed to enable well abandonment without section milling. Due to the inherent limitations of cup-based systems, Hydrawash is superseded in our equipment catalogue by HydraHemera and HemeraPoseidon.

Cup-based PWC® systems (such as HydraWash™) can be adequate for relatively straightforward annular remediation applications, but the reliance entirely on volumetric flow, limits the ability to thoroughly wash and cement the annuli under challenging conditions such as high mudweights, or tight tolerances on maximum ECD to avoid losses to exposed permeable formations.

Furthermore, potential for existing cement in the annulus will slowdown or prevent cup-based PWC® operations due to the possible loss of circulation route and subsequent damage to tooling components.  

We have therefore replaced HydraWash™ in our inventory with HydraHemera™ and HemeraPoseidon™

HydraHemera™: <-- click to access

HemeraPoseidon™: <-- click to access

A detailed discussion of how to ensure successful operations with Cup-based PWC systems is provided the following blogs:

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Key Features

  • Time savings based on operational efficiencies
  • Larger operational window
  • Tripping through restrictions
  • Allows full flow when tripping in and out
  • Simple design and operation
  • Available for all casing sizes

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