Sustainability is one of the most pressing themes of our time.

For that reason, HydraWell has become intrinsically involved in climate change and energy sector transition. We actively support clients to meet net zero targets by developing and implementing engineered P&A solutions to reduce environmental impact and future negative consequences. 


P&A specialists on a sustainability mission.

Our tools and technology are designed to safely secure well integrity with minimum waste, and this is done through an innovative solutions called Perf, Wash and Cement (PWC). Over the last decade, with over 500 effective barriers under our belt, we have a deeper understanding on how to install barriers correctly.

Not only does PWC perform in less than 24 hours, bringing significant cost savings to our clients, but it also reduced carbon footprint. 

By 700 metric tons per day, per operation.

That's the equivalent of 16 million kilometres of car travel. In essence, reducing 5000 cars from the road for a year.


Committed to a sustainable journey. 


HydraWell is committed to ensuring that basic responsibilities to the people and planet are integrated into our own strategies, policies, procedures, and culture. We believe monitoring CO2 emissions must be embraced and considered the norm across the industry.

As signatories to the UN Global Compact Initiative, we are committed to sustainable performance. Our team operates in a way that, at minimum, we meet fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption by having policies and procedures that are in-line with the UN Global compact.



Making a real difference

Click here to download our annual Sustainability Report to explore the action we are taking.

You can also enjoy our video cast below, where CEO Mark Sorheim and Board Member, Chris Teesdale discuss what Sustainability & ESG means to HydraWell.


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