The HydraSwivel™ System:

How it works

The HydraSwivel™ tool was developed for optimizing the hole cleaning while performing the HydraWash job, the swivel enables rotation of the Drill pipe while washing the perforations. Especially in high deviated wells were the debris washed out from behind the casing will accumulate in the horizontal section.

Rotation of the Drill Pipe will improve hole cleaning and ensure that circulation can be maintained at all times. The HydraSwivel™ design incorporates several separate seal system that ensures pipe integrity at all times.

HydraSwivel™ by HydraWell

Why HydraSwivel™?

Key Features

  • Simple operation
  • Back up seals incorporated
  • Pressure and Temperature balanced
  • Large ID
  • OD equal to tool joint size
  • Slick ID for ball drop
  • Rigid design


The HydraSwivel™ tool is connected directly above the HydraWash™ tool and connected to the workstring. During the HydraWash operation, the drill pipe string can be rotated to ensure debris is transported out of the well.

Swivel 3D


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