Successful Well Integrity Restoration in Abandoned Well

Key facts
Customer: Undisclosed Major
Location: Malaysia, South-East Asia
Well type: Gas Exploration Well
Key benefits: P&A at shallow depth and highly time-efficient barrier installation

The customer’s challenge
The operator was facing integrity issues from inside of a conductor on a well that was not connected to platform infrastructure. The well was drilled as an exploration well and was spudded in September 2017. It was subsequently suspended with a mudline suspension system. However, the original barrier system installed failed to maintain the barrier envelope, and HydraWell was requested to help restore the well barrier envelope.

The HydraWell solution

As this was a non-producing well, HydraWell designed and performed a shallow Perf-Wash-Cement, PWC® P&A using their proprietary HydraHemeraTMJet Tool. The water depth was 17 metres, with mudline at 47 metres.

The well was perforated above the existing cement plug. HydraWell then entered the well with the HydraHemeraTM tool, washed the 13-3/8” x 17-1/2” annulus and set a new cross-sectional rock-to-rock barrier with the combined Cement Spray ValveTMand HydraArchimedesTMCement Assurance tool. This shallow PWC® P&A was completed at 133 metres, close to the wellhead, due to the integrity issues observed inside the 30” conductor.

The cement plug was then pressure tested to 5,000 psi with a RTTS® mechanical packer. The casing was subsequently cut.

The result
In the space of only 18.5 hours, HydraWell completed an effective PWC® (perf, wash cement) operation and re-established the integrity of the annulus. The Operator was satisfied that the well barrier envelope had been successfully restored.

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